Gospel Night Details

Gospel Night 2020

The 15th Annual Gospel Night or GN 2020 is on its way! Although there has been a slight change in plan due to the global pandemic preventing us from doing our annual concert physically, we are proud to announce that we will be streaming it live on Youtube! Now, because it will be a virtual event people from all over the world are able to participate. It will be a night full of worship, skit, dance, testimony, message, and most importantly praising the Lord most high, AMEN? We pray that this will be an encouraging event to those who are struggling in different aspects of their life due to what is going on at the moment. GN will be presented in both Japanese and English so please invite anyone who is interested into this group or pass the important information onto your friends.

We have invited two very special guests this year. Nagasawa Takafumi, a pastor in Japan who is also known for being a Christian song artist will be sharing a message and Shindo Tatsuya, a former gang member in Japan who became a pastor will be sharing his testimony about his salvation. Please invite your friends and we hope to see you on the other side of the screen!

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