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Vancouver Japanese Gospel Church



We are a Protestant church located in New Westminister, British Columbia in Canada. Our church members range across all ages from infants to seniors.  Our members are mostly of Japanese origin, but we also have Canadian, Korean, and Chinese members attending our church. Many international students from Japan attend our church and find Christ here in Canada.


There is a Japanese saying, “hyakubun wa ikken ni shikazu”, which means, “Hearing a hundered times is not as good as seeing once.” Similarly, Jesus called his disciples to his side and said, “Come, and you will see” (John 1:39).


Please feel free to make your way to our church. We pray for God’s blessing upon those who have come across our website.

Our Church Mission


“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Mark 16:15


425 11th St, New Westminster, BC

~New Westminster Skytrain pick up~
A shuttle service from New Westminister skytrain station to Vancouver Japanese Gospel Church is available every Sunday before the service. Please gather on the West side of New Westminister skytrain station between 10:30am and 10:45am, and a car will be waiting for you to drive you to Vancouver Japanese Gospel Church.

new west station
Upcoming Events


CJM (Canadian Japanese Ministries) 特別集会のご案内

May 25, 2019 7:00 pm

CJM (Canadian Japanese Ministries) 特別集会のご案内

5月25日(土)午後7時~ 場所:バンクーバー日系人福音教会 カナダ全土の日本人教会が1年に1度集まります。 ゲストスピーカーとして、清水摂&まお夫妻をロサンゼルスよりお招きしての特別集会! 若者達による元気いっぱいの生ゴスペルバンドの賛美と清水夫妻のわかりやすいメッセージ。 ぜひ、友人知人をお誘いの上、ご参加下さい!

合同礼拝&スペシャルランチ/Joint Service & Special Lunch

May 26, 2019 11:00 am

合同礼拝&スペシャルランチ/Joint Service & Special Lunch

5月26日(日)午前11時 朝の礼拝は、バイリンガルで行われる合同礼拝となります。 また、礼拝後にはスペシャルランチが用意されます($3)。 ぜひ美味しいランチを味わいに11時の礼拝からお越しください!!


May 26, 2019 1:00 pm


日本で33年間暮らし英語を教えていたパット先生が、 みなさんに優しくわかりやすく英語を教えて下さいます。このチャンスをお見逃しなく! 時間:毎週日曜日 1:15 pm-2:30 pm ★参加費: 無料! ★申込方法: E-mailか電話にて、お名前・連絡先を添えてお申込ください。 E-mail: jpgospelchurch@gmail.com        Tel: (604) 521-7737


June 20, 2019 10:30 am


6月20日(木)朝10時半~12時 日本で保育士をしていた先生たちのリードのもと、お母さんとこどもたちのふれあい遊びや 絵本の読み聞かせ、親子でのクラフトや子供向けバイブルストーリーなどほっこりした時間を用意しています。 プログラムはプリスクール以下のお子様を対象とした、お母さんも参加型になっています。ぜひ親子でご参加ください。 子どもたちにはヘルシースナック、お母様たちには手作りスイーツとコーヒーを用意してお待ちしています!! 参加費は無料!!


Worship Services & Prayer Meetings

Sunday Worship Service

Every Sunday at 11:00AM : Main Worship Service

On Sundays, we have 2 separate services held simultaneously. The Japanese service will be held upstairs and English Service downstairs. Every 3rd Sunday of each month, we will have a joint bilingual service upstairs. Coffee, tea and snacks will be served after the service.

Every Sunday at 3:00PM : Y.Y(Youth & Young Adults) Service

Every 4th. Sunday at 2:00PM : Nikkei Home Service

Sunday School (September to June):

Every Sunday, 9:45AM : No Sunday School from July and Aug.

Prayer Meetings:

Every Wednesday, 10:30AM (Japanese only) & 7:30PM (English & Japanese)

Every Friday, 6:00am

Every Saturday, 7:00am (English & Japanese)

Small Groups

Y.Y Service at 3 PM

Y.Y. Service is the youth and young adult service we hold every Sunday at 3:00PM. It’s especially tailored for newcomers and the young adult crowd at church, because we sing enthusiastically, the Gospel messages are easy to understand, and there are lots of young people who are happy to make new friends. Each month, we hold an “Open Y.Y. Service” planned by the IYG Groups where we have a full band, special events, and dinner provided for just $2.00. Anyone is welcome to join us anytime! Won’t you invite a friend and come this Sunday?